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NanoRem (Taking Nanotechnological Remediation Processes from Lab Scale to End User Applications for the Restoration of a Clean Environment) is a research project, funded through the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme. NanoRem focuses on facilitating practical, safe, economic and exploitable nanotechnology for in situ remediation of polluted soil and groundwater.This is being undertaken in parallel with developing a comprehensive understanding of the environmental risk-benefit for the use of nanoparticles (NPs), market demand, overall sustainability, and stakeholder perceptions.

The project is designed to unlock the potential of nanoremediation processes from laboratory scale to end user applications and so support both the appropriate use of nanotechnology in restoring land and water resources and the development of the knowledge-based economy at a world leading level for the benefit of a wide range of users in the EU environmental sector. 

NanoRem Bulletins

The first two bulletins from the NanoRem project have been published.

NanoRem Bulletin #1 provides an overview of NanoRem, its aims, structure and the main generic results. This overview provides links to other NanoRem outputs where a greater depth of detail can be found. Download the bulletin here >>NanoRem Bulletin #1

NanoRem Bulletin #4 provides a guide to different types of NPs used within the NanoRem project, looking at their production and properties, and separates them into two broad classes: i) nano zero-valent iron (nZVI) and ii) non-ZVI and composite NPs. Download the bulletin here >>NanoRem Bulletin #4

For further information about the project visit the NanoRem Project Website