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Stay Covid safe during in-person training

We are keeping things under constant review and will be working to government guidelines.

We would like to encourage people to take a Lateral Flow Test before attending a face to face CL:AIRE training course, to not attend if they have any COVID symptoms and people are encouraged to wear a mask in all communal areas.

Antibacterial gel is available.

Course Description & Learning Outcomes:

This full day hands-on course provides participants with an introduction to Controlled Waters Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA). The course will be taught through a series of lectures interspersed with practical hand-on sessions using the Environment Agency’s RTM model. Delegates will learn about:
• The UK regulatory context relevant to Controlled Waters DQRA
• Methods/tools for Controlled Waters DQRA and how to choose which are most appropriate for the site being assessed
• Principles of contaminant fate and transport modelling in groundwater
• Data requirements for groundwater DQRA
• Forward versus reverse modelling to assess risks to Controlled Waters receptors
• How to derive site specific assessment criteria for soil and groundwater that are protective of Controlled Waters receptors
• Assessing uncertainty and risk evaluation
Each course is restricted to 10 delegates to ensure good trainer to delegate ratio for the practical work. Delegates should bring their own laptops with the RTM model v3.2 downloaded (see ) with the Excel Add-Ins “Analysis ToolPak” and “Analysis ToolPak VBA” enabled.
A certificate of attendance will be provided on completion of attendance.

Who should attend this course:

Geoenvironmental consultants, remediation contractors, contaminated land officers/regulators.

This course will explain the practical application of the recent CLAIRE guidance on risk assessment for coal mine gas emissions, which was published in 2021.

On completion of the course delegates should have a good understanding of:

  • The different gas hazards that can affect development over old coal mines;
  • The influence on mining methods on gas risk;
  • The sources of gas in old coal mines;
  • The factors that can influence mine gas emissions;
  • The mine gas risk assessment process;
  • How to deal with future changes and uncertainties within the risk assessment.

This course is for: Professionals working on and in asbestos-contaminated land: environmental consultants, ground investigation workers, remediation contractors, construction/development, waste processing and recycling plant operators, regulators.

Full day Non-Licensable Work (NLW), including Notifiable Non-Licensable Work (NNLW), inclusive of practical training, for professionals working on and in asbestos-contaminated land.

A one day course that will provide delegates with the knowledge, understanding and skills to undertake work in ground and C&D materials that are contaminated with asbestos, which may be classed as NLW. Successful completion of the course will allow competent persons to undertake this work in accordance with Regulation 10 of CAR 2012 and CAR-SOIL.

The Non-Licensable Work (NLW) with asbestos, including Notifiable Non-Licensable Work (NNLW), training covers the following:

  • how to make suitable and sufficient assessments about the risk of exposure to asbestos in the ground
  • safe work practices and control measures, including an explanation of the correct use of control measures, protective equipment and work methods
  • selection and appropriate use of protective equipment
  • waste handling procedures
  • emergency procedures
  • relevant legal requirements
  • circumstances when non-licensed work may be notifiable (i.e. NNLW)

Attainment of the learning outcome for the NLW qualification will be assessed by a multiple choice examination consisting of 30 questions under exam conditions.

All delegates MUST be able to demonstrate that they have attended an Asbestos Awareness training course which satisfied the requirements of Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and the supporting Approved Code of Practice L143 "Managing and working with asbestos", and achieved an examination pass mark.

Company inhouse training is also available for a minimum of 8 people. Please enquire through Help Desk.

6 Hours ( this course will be run as an online, instructor-led course over 2 half-days, each day will start at 09:30 and finish at 13:00.)

The new statistical guidance from CL:AIRE “Comparing soil contamination data with a critical concentration” was published in September 2020 and introduces land contamination professionals to a different way of drawing conclusions from soil contamination data. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of statistical concepts & thinking and how to use the recommended statistical tools to draw conclusions. There will ample opportunities to take part in stimulating discussions and apply what you learn to real life case studies. In addition, there will be examples to show you how the relevant calculations can be undertaken in Microsoft Excel.

The DoW CoP provides a clear, consistent and efficient process which enables the reuse of excavated materials on-site or their movement between sites.

Use of the DoW CoP supports the sustainable and cost effective development of land. It can provide an alternative to Environmental Permits or Waste Exemptions.

The DoW CoP enables:

  • the direct transfer and reuse of clean naturally occurring soil materials between sites
  • the conditions to support the establishment/operation of fixed soil treatment facilities
  • the reuse of both contaminated/uncontaminated materials on their site of origin and between sites within defined Cluster projects

The Course is designed for: Geoenvironmental consultants; Developers and House Builders; Building contractors;

 Membrane installers; Building surveyors; Building Control Officers; Contaminated Land Officers; CDM duty holders: Clients, Principal Designers and Principal Contractors; Property Managers

Full day CAR-SOIL for professionals working on and in asbestos-contaminated land (7hours).

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

A one day course that will explain in detail the requirements of CAR 2012, HSE ACoP and guidance L143, in the context of the new guidance set out in CAR-SOIL for persons working on sites with soil and/or C&D materials contaminated with asbestos.

To provide a detailed overview of the requirements of CAR 2012, HSE ACoP and guidance L143 and CAR-SOIL in the application of CAR 2012 for sites with soil and/or C&D materials contaminated with asbestos. The course will also provide an insight how these key differences were developed in conjunction with HSE. This course is an essential introductory learning package for environmental and construction professionals engaged on investigating, assessing, remediating and developing sites that are contaminated with asbestos. The course may also be applicable to waste management professionals engaged in recycling C&D materials that may be contaminated with asbestos.

Who should attend the course:

Professionals working on and in asbestos-contaminated land: environmental consultants, asbestos management consultants, remediation contractors, asbestos removal contractors, construction/development, regulators.

About the Trainer:

Steve Forster

Stephen Forster has over 33 years' experience in all aspects of the investigation, assessment and management of asbestos and contaminated land in various roles. He has developed broad-ranging practical experience and expertise in the fields of both asbestos in buildings management and investigation and assessment of asbestos-contaminated land, recycled C&D materials and wastes.

He is Chair of the Joint Industry Working Group on Asbestos in Soil and Construction & Demolition Material and was the author of the industry guidance interpreting the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 for application in the assessment of land contaminated by asbestos – CAR-SOIL (CL:AIRE, 2016), developed in conjunction with the Health & Safety Executive.

The CL:AIRE eLearning portal currently consists of five training course categories:

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  • Asbestos Awareness for Groundworkers, Introduction to Brownfield Site InvestigationSoil and Groundwater Risk Assessment and Sustainable Remediation Appraisal need to be purchased from the "Details" links below.

If you are purchasing the course for someone else, please let us know as it is important that their certificate is issued in their name and not yours.

Enrolment Instructions

You or your company will need to purchase access to these courses. Access is not provided until the invoice is paid.

Once your invoice is paid, please go to your Dashboard and download your Enrolment Key. You will see a link to "eLearning Enrolment Information" in the green Actions panel on the top left of your Dashboard.

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Membership Annual subscription for Principal or Supporter membership for companies, sole traders and academic institutions

The Gas Protection Verification Accreditation Scheme (GPVS) is a scheme that seeks to raise standards in membrane inspection, verification and reporting and provide all stakeholders involved in land contamination management with confidence that risks associated with ground gases have been adequately managed. The scheme applies to both the practical installation of the gas mitigation measures and to the verification reporting process. 

The National Quality Mark Scheme for Land Contamination Management has been developed by the Land Forum to provide visible identification of documents that have been checked for quality by a Suitably Qualified and experienced Person (SQP).

All Qualified Persons are required to register with CL:AIRE on an annual basis.

An annual fee of £150 is required in order to maintain the public register and support the ongoing administration of the DoWCoP.

Renewals are carried out at the start of each calendar year.