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Sustainable Remediation Appraisal

This course presents an overview of sustainable remediation. In the first instance looking at the emergence of sustainable remediation as a topic and defining what it means. Secondly, by introducing the frameworks and guidance that have been developed and examining how these may be applied in practice. Finally, it looks at the range of tools and techniques that may be applied through the life-cycle of the process.

Course Structure

The course consists of 11 modules and one assessment. The assessment is set after module 11. All modules contain a video and further reading options.

Module 1 Introduction to Sustainable Remediation
Module 2 Sustainable Remediation Frameworks
Module 3 Problem Definition
Module 4 Sustainability Indicators for Remediation Projects
Module 5 Implementing Sustainable Remediation in Projects
Module 6 Sustainable Management Practices (SMP)
Module 7 Qualitative Appraisal
Module 8 Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA)
Module 9 Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
Module 10 Life-Cycle Analysis
Module 11 Summary


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define sustainable remediation and understand the difference between sustainable and green remediation
  • Understand and appreciate the frameworks that have been developed to help implement sustainable remediation
  • Identify environmental, social, and economic indicators and metrics and give examples of each
  • Integrate sustainability at any part of the project life-cycle
  • Describe the range of approaches and tools that may be used in the sustainable remediation process and understand some of the strengths and limitations of each

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