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Statistics for Comparing Soil Contamination Data to a Critical Concentration
9:30 am - 1:00 pm


The new statistical guidance from CL:AIRE “Comparing soil contamination data with a critical concentration” was published in September 2020 and introduces land contaminationprofessionals to a different way of drawing conclusions from soil contamination data. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of statisticalconcepts & thinking and how to use the recommended statistical tools to draw conclusions. There will be ample opportunities to take part in stimulating discussions and apply what you learn to real life case studies. In addition, there will be examples to show you how the relevant calculationscan be undertaken in Microsoft Excel.

Who should attend thiscourse?
The course aims to help all land contamination professionals who need to make decisions based on soil contamination data. This isa must have course for all those who need to be fully conversant with the key statistical tools before undertaking such comparisons with a critical concentration.

Course details
Whilst COVID19 is still affecting daily life, this course will be run as an online course over2 half-days. Each day will start at 0930 and finish at 1300 totally 6 hours learning. Each course is limited to 8 delegates.

Statistics for Land Contamination (