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The following individuals are the current members of the SuRF-UK Steering Group.  They help steer the project and its deliverables and are supported by wide industry participation during consultations and workshops that SuRF-UK holds to ensure stakeholder engagement for each phase of project.

SuRF-UK Steering Group's Terms of Reference is: 

Alan Thomas - ERM (Joint Chair)

Paul Bardos – r3 Environmental Technology Ltd and visiting Professor University of Reading (Joint Chair)

Richard Gill – Shell Global Solutions representing SAGTA 

Chris Taylor – National Grid representing SAGTA

Angela Haslam - Environment Agency

Trevor Howard – Environment Agency

Richard Boyle  - Brookbanks

Vivien Dent - Environment Agency

Mark Hill - The Pensions Regulator

Simon Cole - Hydrock representing SoBRA

Matthew Llewhellin - Natural Resources Wales

Mark Knight - Harebrook Consultants Ltd representing RemSoc

Nicola HarriesCL:AIRE (Secretariat)


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