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Frequently Asked Question - Clarification on the requirements of Table 2 and especially for response to Qs13

Clarification on the requirements of Table 2 and especially for response to Qs13

In certain DoW CoP scenarios liaison with the regulators is either required or the most appropriate option. This liaison DOES NOT require the EA or NRW officers to assess / read / approve MMPs. It provides an opportunity for projects to flag the sites intentions to use the DoW CoP and for the regulators to share any concerns they have about the site, operator or neighbourhood.

For reuse on Site of Origin of non-naturally occurring materials the EA / NRW do their responses through the normal planning matrix process on reports, remediation strategies etc. EA / NRW Waste teams and / or GWCL teams should just check, if treatment is involved, that a MTP is deployed appropriately.

EA / NRW Waste officers do not always require consultation for direct transfers of clean naturally occurring materials between two sites, if there is a clearly referenced desk study or site investigation report which confirms the site has no previous contamination issues. The QP is required to review and confirm this by providing the document reference in the Declaration.

Consultation is required for Cluster projects to agree the donor sites and receivers sites ahead of any transfers. This is just agreeing the sites, location  and timeframes NOT the MMPs. The regulators may ask to see MMPs if they so wish.

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