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Frequently Asked Question - Why do SGPV or TGPV accredited persons not need to be chartered like other similar schemes?

Why do SGPV or TGPV accredited persons not need to be chartered like other similar schemes?

This scheme is an accreditation scheme and is looking at people's experience and competencies in gas protection verification. All individuals applying for either SGPV or TGPV will need to agree to work to the GPVS Code of Conduct. Some SGPV will be chartered by professional institutions but it is not mandatory for this scheme. The scheme is open to all practitioners that work in the gas protection verification industry and most TGPV will not be degree educated and therefore not be chartered so it would be an unsuitable and unnecessary barrier. This scheme is about raising the standards in the whole range of gas protection verification including design of the verification, preparation of method statements, inspections and verification reporting.

For any scheme to be trusted by the Regulator(s) there must be a credible threat of sanctions against those who may be tempted to abuse the system. CL:AIRE has developed a robust complaints and disciplinary procedure.

In stepping back from scrutinising individual projects for regulatory compliance the Regulator(s) should be assured that the work will have been carried out to appropriate standards and that those checking or auditing the products can be trusted.

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