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Frequently Asked Question - What are the safeguards in the system from a regulatory perspective?

What are the safeguards in the system from a regulatory perspective?

  • The technical standards to which work must be performed will be set with clear reference to compliance with current established guidance. This creates a clear expectation as to the standard of work to be performed.
  • The capability of individuals undertaking the respective diverse tasks within the project will have been checked. This ensures that individuals do not inadvertently undertake responsibilities for which they are not fit to perform.
  • The factual information and interpretations of the data will have been critically assessed and audited using an agreed and defined checklist/audit process. This ensures that any deficiencies can be clearly identified and challenged.
  • The SQP signing off the work is required to make a clear declaration of compliance. This is significant as the signatory is “vouching” for the suitability of the product which has implications for both “professional status” and “professional indemnity insurance”.
  • Liability for any residual environmental problems will always remain legally with the problem holder and in the unlikely event that regulatory intervention is still required all powers of enforcement are retained.

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