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Frequently Asked Question - How would this scheme fit in with other existing registers/initiatives?

How would this scheme fit in with other existing registers/initiatives?

The NQMS scheme focuses on the concept of using capable individuals to provide defined products that may be considered of reasonable quality by following established good practice and requiring a rigorous process of auditing/checking. It then places the responsibility for the adequacy of that product on the SQP. Such products are produced by multi-disciplinary teams.

There are a number of existing or proposed registers of individuals, the purpose of which is to enable the consumer to identify capable people in different fields. The NQMS scheme provides a process to control the quality of the product and an umbrella under which professionals from all these different fields can operate together as part of a team. A person registered for a particular purpose (eg. SiLC, SoBRA risk assessor, CL:AIRE QP or ROGEP) can be regarded as being pre-assessed as being “capable” of performing in a particular field and will be able to thereby readily demonstrate this competence to the SQP.

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