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Frequently Asked Question - What is an SQP?

What is an SQP?

An SQP is an experienced professional in the field of land contamination. The SQP must be capable of assessing whether a document meets the requirements of the scheme. Although the SQP may delegate the peer review process of individual components of the work to other individual specialists, they retain responsibility for ensuring that those individuals are capable to undertake those tasks.

SQPs must be:

  • A Chartered person who has been assessed by a professional body/institution and is bound by the professional code of conduct of that professional body/institution
  • Of sufficient experience in the sector to have a good overview of what is required to effectively assess a site and remediate it to a suitable condition (and thereby meet the requirements for regulatory signoff)
  • Capable of recognising their own limitations and those specialist skills required of others in a multidisciplinary industry
  • Aware of the requirements of the regulatory regimes under which the work is being undertaken.
  • Bound by their professional bodies to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) and to maintain awareness of changing legislation, guidance and standards.

The competency of the SQP is measured in line with the definitions set out in the National Brownfield Skills Framework (NBSF).

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