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Draft ISO DIS 21365 "Conceptual site models for potentially contaminated sites" has been published for comment.  The closing date for comments is 30th November 2018.

The Committee Draft (CD) for this standard was circulated for comment in July 2017 where BSI submitted substantive comments based on the numerous constructive comments submitted by a number of people in the UK. The UK comments and those from other countries were taken into account in the preparation of this draft version. This version is fully compatible with UK guidance including BS10175 and therefore it is the intention to adopt the International Standard as a British Standard, i.e. it will become BS ISO 21365.

A proposal has also been submitted to make it a European Standard (EN), in which case it will be automatically become a British Standard whatever deficiencies, if any, it might have. Therefore, any comments aimed at improving the present text would be very valuable, whether these are comprehensive in nature or concern just a single paragraph.

If anyone would like a copy of this draft please contact Michael Smith