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BS EN ISO 16133:2018 Soil quality - Guidance on the establishment and maintenance of monitoring programmes has recently been published and is available from BSI shop.

This document gives general guidance on the selection of procedures for the establishment and maintenance of programmes for long-term monitoring of soil quality. It takes into account the large number of objectives for soil-monitoring programmes. It is intended to help provide a basis for dialogue between parties which might be involved in a monitoring scheme.

"Monitoring is the process of repetitive observation, for defined purposes, of one or more components of the environment according to pre-arranged schedules in space and time using comparable methods for environmental sensing and data collection.

Monitoring schemes are used all over the world for a large number of purposes. Soil monitoring, particularly, is a long-term undertaking. The quality and the utility of the information from the monitoring is to a large degree determined by the choice of monitoring sites and by their maintenance over the years, and by appropriate quality control at all stages of the process.

Monitoring associated with industrial (contaminated) sites can involve many specific considerations, including legal requirements. The guidance in this document is not designed or intended to cover such situations."