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Sustainable Remediation of contaminated sites has been continuously evolving in the last decade as a response to a growing global, public and industry environmental awareness, social pressure and resource scarcity. This has been witnessed by the increasing number of interested organisations and associations, as well as international conferences and events promoting and disseminating frameworks, tools, and examples of sustainability applied to land reclamation. 

During this time-frame, broader, more holistic concepts have now developed that consider sustainable land management and stewardship.

Under the co-ordinated organisation led by internationally acknowledged entities a such as  NICOLE, Common Forum, CL:AIRE and various SuRF chapters worldwide (now grouped under the International Sustainable Remediation Alliance, ISRA), the first SustRem Conference was held in Denmark in 2009, followed by increasingly successful events in Austria in 2012, Italy in 2014, Canada in 2016 and Brazil in 2018 ( The wealth of participation, the evolution and the maturity of the discussions occurred across these events, as well as the increasing spreading of the debate at Global level, suggests the importance to continue this journey further.

We are therefore excited to launch a Call for Interest to host the next Sustainable Remediation conference, likely in 2020/21. Potentially interested organisations (Universities, National or international associations and fora) should submit a Letter of Interest by no later than August 30th 2019, outlining: your proposed conference inspirational values and programme, organising committee, venues and critical logistical aspects, synergy with other events, expected participation, partnerships and supporting entities.

Following selection of received applications (to be based upon evaluation of the above aspects), the successful hosting organisation will be accompanied by standing members of the SustRem Committee from NICOLE, Common Forum and ISRA, to leverage gained experience and support consistency towards the planning and delivery of a high quality event.

While we do expect and hope to receive a number of compelling proposals demonstrating the demand for sustainable remediation around the Globe, we are available to answer points of clarification.

Please send expressions of interest by 30th August 2019 to: Nicola Harries (