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CL:AIRE is pleased to announced that 13 INSPIRATION bulletins have been published. INSPIRATION bulletins describe practical aspects of research which have direct application to the management of contaminated soil or groundwater in an agricultural context.

INSPIRATION (managing soil and groundwater impacts from agriculture for sustainable intensification) is a multidisciplinary consortium of 26 partners across 8 European countries, which aims to develop low-technology management practices, monitoring approaches, modelling and decision-making tools, and innovative technology applications in the field of sustainable agriculture by a combination of fundamental and applied science (

The bulletins are listed below and can be downloaded from the CL:AIRE Library here

IB2 - Development of sensors for monitoring nitrate in groundwater
IB3 - The proportional contribution of nitrate sources in surface water in a mesoscale river catchment with a land-use gradient
IB4 - Micropollutants as tracers for anthropogenic impacts on groundwater quality and recharge sources on a local scale – the case study of Fehraltorf, Switzerland
IB5 - Geological consistency in self-optimising groundwater models using nested particle filters
IB6 - Analysing N sources and transformation processes in groundwater under agricultural areas (chalk aquifer, Belgium)
IB7 - Experimental quantification and kinetics of nitrate reduction potential by reduced species in soil samples obtained from sandy aquifers
IB8 - Bio-restoration of metal-contaminated soil using biochar to enhance the productivity of marginal land
IB9 - Developing biosensors to measure the bioavailability of heavy metals in soil remediation
IB10 - Investigating the effects of biochar and brown coal waste on productivity of maize
IB12 - Indicators for the selection of filter media options for phosphorus recycling to agricultural soils
IB13 - Isotope techniques for the analysis of δ18O of inorganic phosphate within aquatic ecosystems
IB14 - Integrated use of meta-analytical data to identify management trade-offs on crop growth, soil quality and environmental quality in agriculture
IB15 - Identification of priority areas to target pesticide pollution mitigation measures