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QP Renewals

Qualified Persons for the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice (DoW CoP) are reminded that renewals will be due in January 2021 for that year. 

Two years ago the requirement of QP assessment was introduced. Recently the CL:AIRE Technology & Research Group has confirmed that the need for retesting will extend to a five-year period to bring it inline with similar schemes and roles.


There is an ongoing requirement to submit an annual CPD log reflecting a minimum of 30 hrs spent on the planning, management, regulation, or oversight of DoW CoP, remediation, or other projects involving materials management.
Qualified Persons can either log their CPD directly on the CL:AIRE system, or to avoid duplication, simply upload their logs recorded on alternative platforms. 

CL:AIRE staff will be auditing, at random, QPs CPD logs for 2020 throughout December and January so please make sure yours is up to date. 


Should QPs have concerns regards the behaviour or performance of a project which might trigger the Disciplinary Procedures, a whistleblowing section is available via the website help-desk.

Any use of the facility will remain in the strictest confidence.

Rejected Declarations

Should a QP have to reject an MMP Declaration, they are strongly encouraged to flag the site details also via the website help-desk