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Quality Protocols (QPs) are end of waste frameworks that are used by Industry on a voluntary basis to identify the point at which waste, having been fully recovered, may be regarded as a non-waste product. This means the waste-derived material can be used in specified markets without the need for waste regulation controls. The QPs are waste specific.

The Environment Agency has started to review the Quality Protocol for aggregates from inert waste.
They would like to hear Industry's views on how this QP is working and whether it meets Industry needs.

At this time they are gathering information and views which they will take into account when deciding whether to maintain or withdraw support, for the QP in its current form.

If support is withdrawn OR it is deemed necessary to complete a revision of the QPs then further, more detailed, calls for evidence will take place at that time.

Please see the attached for more details. 

CL:AIRE intends to coordinate a joint response from its members on this matter so if you'd like to submit feedback as part of that joint response, please contact