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CL:AIRE launched the Gas Protection Verification Accreditation Scheme (GPVS) on the 7 January 2021. Working closely with industry, this scheme seeks to raise standards in gas membrane inspection, verification and reporting and to ensure that the gas protection verification part of land contamination management meets the necessary technical and regulatory standards.

The scheme recognises that different people often undertake inspection and reporting, therefore there are two separate accreditation routes available to demonstrate competence: ‘Specialist in Gas Protection Verification’ (SGPV) and ‘Technician in Gas Protection Verification’ (TGPV).

TGPV is aimed at field technicians who carry out inspections on site and SGPV, at those involved in the whole range of gas protection verification and are deemed competent to prepare and sign off validation reports under the GPVS scheme.

From 7 January 2021, reports prepared under the scheme can bear a Declaration of Document Adequacy, to show that the work has been prepared in line with industry standards and signed off by an SGPV.

A register of all SGPVs and the documents they have prepared under the scheme is available for cross-checking.

The SGPV accreditation is also recognised under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

For further information on the scheme, or to apply for accreditation, visit the website For any other specific questions, please visit FAQ or raise a question in the Help Desk.

A free webinar about the scheme is available to download here.