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CL:AIRE is excited to release fully updated editions of two of its popular eLearning courses:

  • Sustainable Remediation Appraisal
  • Introduction to Brownfield Site Investigation

Both courses have been updated to take the new Environment Agency Land Contamination Risk Management (LCRM) web pages and other recent publications into account. The courses consist of videos and assessments and their contents are shown below.

For further details about the courses and to purchase click here:

Sustainable Remediation Appraisal

This course presents an overview of sustainable remediation. In the first instance looking at the emergence of sustainable remediation as a topic and defining what it means. Secondly, by introducing the frameworks and guidance that have been developed and examining how these may be applied in practice. Finally, it looks at the range of tools and techniques that may be applied through the life-cycle of the process.

Module 1 Introduction to Sustainable Remediation
Module 2 Sustainable Remediation Frameworks
Module 3 Problem Definition
Module 4 Sustainability Indicators for Remediation Projects
Module 5 Implementing Sustainable Remediation in Projects
Module 6 Sustainable Management Practices (SMP)
Module 7 Qualitative Appraisal
Module 8 Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA)
Module 9 Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
Module 10 Life-Cycle Analysis
Module 11 Summary

Introduction to Brownfield Site Investigation

This course has been designed to be consistent with the National Brownfield Skills Framework (NBSF) which states that Site Investigation covers the preparation, implementation, testing and presentation of information detailing the extent of contamination on a site and the impact of this on human health and the environment. Set at an introductory level, the course content aligns with Level 2 of the NBSF.

Module 1 An Introduction to Brownfield Site Investigation
Module 2 Documentary Research
Module 3 Site Reconnaissance
Module 4 Design of the Investigation
Module 5 Surveying
Module 6 Service Avoidance
Module 7 Monitoring and Sampling
Module 8 In‐situ testing
Module 9 Laboratory Testing
Module 10 Site Safety