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GWSDAT is an open source, user-friendly, software application for the visualisation and interpretation of groundwater monitoring data and the next version will be released later this summer.

Key updates include:

  • Well Redundancy Analysis: This allows the user to very conveniently drop a well or a combination of wells from the analysis and investigate the resultant impact.
  • Updated User Manual: A fully comprehensive description of GWSDAT, updated for version 3.1.
  • Excel Add-in Menu: New Excel menu designed to be clearer to navigate and easier to install.
  • Custom Colour Key: In response to user feedback, the latest version has the functionality to customise the colour key in the main GWSDAT spatial plot.
  • Updated branding: The Excel data input templates have been updated with more contemporary colour schemes.
  • Bug Fixes: Numerous bug fixes and enhancements. More robust data input procedures which report more thoroughly on any potential issues, e.g. missing data, incorrect units, etc.

CL:AIRE will be running a lunchtime webinar on the new version on 14 September from midday, so book your place on the webinar now and we will keep you updated as we get nearer the release date.

Find out more about GWSDAT and Register for the webinar.