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BGS are currently carrying out research regarding foundation and engineering cost estimates for brownfield sites. The questionnaire and background information can be found here 

This research questionnaire has been designed by the British Geological Survey for Quantity Surveyors and Civil Engineers. The aim is to improve the understanding of indicative cost estimates for foundations to low-rise residential housing and engineered mitigation of ground risks on brownfield sites in the UK.

These risks relate to potential property damage from natural and anthropogenic hazards including shrink/ swell clays, compressible soils, hazardous gases and collapse of near surface cavities.

This research builds on an award winning digital screening tool called the Brownfield Ground Risk Calculator (BGR_calc). BGR_calc was co-created by BGS with Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Gateshead Council to de-risk housing delivery on brownfield land.  BGS is now working with Groundsure to enhance BGR_calc functionality and widen coverage across the whole of England, the results of the questionnaire will feed into this work.

Further information on BGR_calc can be found on the ESRI StoryMap: