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CL:AIRE and r3 environmental technology are delivering a Concawe Project ( called “Case Studies and Analysis of Sustainable Remediation Techniques and Technologies”.

We are seeking relevant case studies of sustainable remediation techniques and technologies, with a specific focus on European examples. Concawe is particularly interested in gentle (or low intensity) remediation options. By sharing case studies the project aims to encourage uptake of these options at sites where they are suitable.

Case studies should describe sites, contaminants and technologies of relevance to Concawe members, who have a wide range of interests and not solely hydrocarbon-impacted sites.

In order to assess the suitability of potential case studies for inclusion in this project and to undertake a transparent review and audit process, we will benchmark against the ISO Standard on Sustainable Remediation 18504:2017, and factor in relevance to Concawe members areas of operation.

Ten case studies will be selected from those submitted and these will be written up within a Concawe report, and published as CL:AIRE Bulletins. In order to manage the delivery of the case studies, we can offer financial support to companies to contribute to the write up costs.

If you would like to get involved, please email Rob Sweeney at CL:AIRE ( for further information.