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CL:AIRE has released its Technology and Research Group (TRG) Annual Report for 2021. 
It contains the following parts - of particular note is Appendix 1 which describes the breadth of CL:AIRE's activities undertaken during the year:

  • Background to CL:AIRE and the TRG
  • 2021 Annual Report
  • Appendix 1 – CL:AIRE activities in 2021
  • Appendix 2 – TRG Member Biographies
  • Appendix 3 – Status of CL:AIRE Technology Demonstration Projects and Research
  • Appendix 4 – CL:AIRE Resources (publications, online training and eLearning)

CL:AIRE’s TRG provides strategic review, support and steering functions for CL:AIRE’s activities.

Two new members have joined the TRG this year - Edward Lewis brings regulatory experience from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and Jess Shaw from Arcadis joins as an Early Career Professional. Their short biographies are given below:

Edward Lewis, Northern Ireland Environment Agency 

Edward has a BA and MA in Earth Sciences from St Hugh’s College, Oxford University and a PhD and DIC in Environmental Engineering from Imperial College, London. Edward has 9 years experience as a consultant Contaminant Hydrogeologist working for Atkins Ltd in Birmingham. His main experience during this time was in the fields of land contamination and landfill risk assessment. He also worked on a number of flood defence schemes. He is experienced in the use of most of the risk assessment software packages and technical requirements associated with groundwater/environmental risk assessment in the UK. Since 2012 Edward has been at the Northern Ireland Environment Agency as a Senior Scientific Officer in the Land and Groundwater Team (LGWT). The principal work streams in the LGWT relate to land contamination addressed through the planning regime. He also provides hydrogeological and land contamination advice to colleagues across a range of teams with regard to groundwater resourcing, mining, cemeteries, end of waste applications and landfill risk assessments.

Jess Shaw, Arcadis

Jess is a Senior Environmental Consultant at Arcadis with 6.5 years’ experience, 5 of which in the brownfield and contaminated land industry.  Prior to her time at Arcadis, Jess worked for a small consultancy gaining experience in waste legislation and permitting.  At Arcadis, Jess has developed a wide range of experience in environmental monitoring, ground investigations, site conceptualisation and risk assessment, however more recently, has been specialising in brownfield decommissioning, demolition and remediation of public and private sector sites. Day to day, Jess works on both small- and large-scale demolition and decommissioning projects, providing technical advice, managing surveys, planning works and overseeing a site team delivering activities.  Jess is passionate about digitalisation and finding new innovative ways of monitoring and sampling to improve sustainability and provide Clients with high quality technical solutions.  She has recently been appointed as a radiation protection supervisor, in charge of a handheld XRF which she used on a recent demolition project to aid the recovery of significant quantities of platinum group metals.  Jess was shortlisted in 2021 as the Best Young Brownfield Professional in the Brownfield Briefing Awards and is also a member of the young professional group and innovation working group with the NICOLE network.