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Defra has published the latest edition of its 25 Year Environment Plan Newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to summarise activity taking place across Defra and government more widely, relating to the 25 Year Environment Plan.

It highlights the latest Annual Progress Report for the 25 Year Environment Plan, published on 20 July. The full contents of the newsletter are as follows:

  • Page 3 – 25YEP Annual Progress Report
  • Page 4 and 5 – Live consultations
  • Page 6 – Nutrient Neutrality
  • Page 7 – Environment Agency
  • Page 8 – Sustainable Farming Incentive
  • Page 9 and 10 – Trees and Forestry
  • Page 11 – Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund
  • Page 12 – Department for Education
  • Page 13 – Other Announcements
  • Page 14 – Useful publication links

Also published is the latest version of Defra's Environment Act FAQs document, that is aimed at local authorities.

Please distribute the newsletter to colleagues who may be interested, and requests to sign up to the distribution list should be directed to