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The ISO 18400 series final draft international standards prepublication versions have recently been published for comment:

  • ISO 18400-101 Soil quality – Sampling – Framework for the preparation and application of a sampling plan
  • ISO 18400-102 Soil quality – Sampling – Selection and application of sampling techniques
  • ISO 18400-103 Soil quality – Sampling – Safety
  • ISO 18400-105 Soil quality – Sampling – Packaging, transport, storage and preservation of samples
  • ISO 18400-106 Soil quality – Sampling – Quality control and quality assurance
  • ISO 18400-107 Soil quality – Sampling – Recording and reporting
  • ISO-18400-201 Soil quality – Sampling – Physical pretreatment in the field.

18400-102 and 18400-103 will be adopted as British Standards (they will replace BS 10381-2 and BS 10381-3 which are normative in BS 10175).

Decisions still have to be made about the other documents of the series, however industry's views about this are welcome. It is anticipated that BS10175 will require amendment to accommodate 18400-102 and 18400-103 and to at least include appropriate references to the other standards.

Technical comments to ISO cannot be made, but it would be helpful for the British Standard EH4 committee to receive any thoughts that people may have on these documents.

Comments should be sent to Jessy Mathew the Secretary of BS EH4 by 31 December 2015.