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Following the publication of CAR-SOIL, JIWG & SoBRA are extremely keen to reinvigorate the whole of the land development industry (contractors. consultants and site owners) to get involved in an industry wide initiative to provide dust sampling data from site works. Many practitioners already undertake routine dust sampling; all we are asking is for you to provide the results of these samples to SoBRA anonymously. The results will be collated into a larger open access database to help the development of a risk assessment model which will feed into the Joint Industry Working Group Asbestos in Soil. To ensure that the dust samples are taken in a uniform way, SoBRA has produced a sampling protocol to assist.

To download the Dust Monitoring Protocol for Earthwork Activities at Brownfield Sites

The dust sampling protocol is supported by an equivalent protocol for asbestos fibre in air monitoring and the use of both protocols in parallel is encouraged where possible so that the open access UK-specific empirical database that SoBRA is developing can be as comprehensive as possible.

To download the Airborne Asbestos Fibre Monitoring Protocol for Earthwork Activities at Brownfield Sites

Please help and get involved. Completed templates should be sent to Simon Cole (