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CL:AIRE is very fortunate to be supported by its Technology & Research Group, comprising 15 volunteers who are high calibre renowned experts in their field. The TRG takes a key role in CL:AIRE’s work, providing guidance on issues relating to sustainable land reuse and offering strategic review and steering functions for all CL:AIRE’s activities.

In January 2018, Dr Brian Bone took over the role of TRG Chair from Steve Edgar, who served his 3 year period as Chair and who will remain on the TRG.

Brian is a geologist with 19 years public service experience as regulator and scientist with Warwickshire County Council and the Environment Agency for England and Wales. He developed his expertise, led two teams in operation and research, and carried out research dealing with a wide range of technical issues including landfill gas management, contaminated land assessment and remediation, and special (hazardous) waste. Brian’s current work as an independent consultant includes the sustainable remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, the recovery of waste for construction and emissions from construction products. He is Secretary to CEN/TC154/WG 13 (Aggregates - Dangerous Substances), Technical expert on CEN/TC351/WG1 (Release of dangerous substances to soil, groundwater and surface water), Technical expert on UK Mirror Committee to CEN/TC351 (Construction products – assessment of release of dangerous substances) and, until 2018, a member of Sustainable Remediation Forum UK (SuRF-UK) Steering Group. Brian is Visiting Professor at the Centre for Research in the Built and Natural Environment at Coventry University.

Also in January, we welcomed our newest TRG member - Dr Kim Baines from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Kim is an Environmental Remediation Specialist working in the newly formed Section on Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation at the IAEA. Prior to her position with the IAEA, Kim worked for 16 years in the nuclear and redevelopment industries on the remediation of contaminated land. Prior to her current position, Kim worked for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority as Strategic Authority for Land Quality Management and Land Use. Kim was responsible for developing the NDA’s approach to the Site End State and which has included providing technical support to the Winfrith and Dounreay sites. Kim was the sponsor for NDA R&D within the field of Land Quality. Kim successfully chaired the Nuclear Industry Land Quality Group for 5 years seeing membership increase to include all but one of the UK nuclear site licence operators. Kim has facilitated the working relationship between the regulators and industry within the nuclear sector. This has enabled the successful development and implementation of regulator guidance for the management of decommissioning wastes and land contamination (Guidance on Requirements for Release of Nuclear Sites from Radioactive Substance Regulation “GRR”). Kim has also worked extensively on non-nuclear brownfield sites ranging from petrol stations, to gas works to coal mining sites. Kim’s specialism for several years was human health and controlled water risk assessment and the development of remedial strategies.

Finally, CL:AIRE would like to thank Phil Morgan and Mike Pearl who retired from the TRG at the end of 2017. Both contributed their time and expertise to CL:AIRE for over 14 years, for which we are very grateful.