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BSI is required to require all standards at a 5-yearly intervals, therefore BS 10175:2011 should have been carried out in 2016 but this was delayed because of the necessary changes required for the publication of BS ISO 18400 series of standards.

For a standard is to be revised a “business case” must be made to BSI that shows that there is a technical need, that “stakeholders” support revision, and that there are sufficient people willing to work on the revision for it to be reasonably certain that the task will be completed successfully.

BSI committee EH4 Soil Quality, the committee responsible for the standard, is cautiously in favour of revision but would ask the wider community for their views. Please provide responses to the following seven questions:

  1. Do you think that BS 10175 should be revised?
  2. Do you think that the revision of the technical content needs to be extensive?
  3. Do you think the standard only needs a “light” updating?
  4. Are there any parts of the standard that you think need particular attention?
  5. Do you have any views about what should be done about asbestos, e.g. should it be integrated into the text, should it be dealt with an Annex or should a separate standard be produced?
  6. Would you be willing to participate in the work of the Drafting Panel?
  7. Any other remarks?

Please don’t feel constrained by the above list of questions when responding.

Response should be sent to Jessy Mathew, the Secretary of committee EH4 and copied into Mike Smith.

Responses need to be submitted by 7 March 2018.