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The NICOLE working group on asbestos in soil has been established to better understand how asbestos in soil is investigated, remediated, managed, and regulated across Europe with a view to identifying best practice, innovation, and opportunities for harmonisation of approach.


To meet these aims a questionnaire has been developed to collate information from member countries. They would be hugely grateful if you could spend just a short amount of time completing the sections of the questionnaire that are relevant to your knowledge and experience.

The questionnaire is divided into seven sections – regulation, guidance, site investigation, laboratory methods, waste management, remediation, and innovation. You do not have to fill in every section. The results of the questionnaire will be presented at the NICOLE spring workshop in Frankfurt in June, and are hoped to form part of a later NICOLE publication on this subject.

Case studies

The Working Group is also looking for case studies to showcase successful (but also the challenges of) risk management of asbestos in soils. It is hoped that selected case studies can be presented at future NICOLE workshops and included in the NICOLE publication. There is a specific area in the questionnaire for you to provide brief details of any case study you wish to highlight.

The questionnaire can be downloaded from the NICOLE website
Please send your completed questionnaire soon, but not later than 30 April 2018 to Elze-Lia Visser