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Not to be confused with the Verification Plan, which is formulated as part of the MMP prior to the Declaration, the Verification Report (VR) is completed after the declared movements and provides an audit trail to show that materials and wastes have gone to the correct destination.

​It is a required document in the DoW CoP process. ​

Since January of 2018, the DoWCoP Declaration has required that QPs provide the contact details of the person responsible for the VR and the date by which it is likely to be completed.

To assist with the submission of Verification Reports, the CL:AIRE website has a page where the person responsible for the VR should upload their document(s) on, or prior to the date provided in the Declaration.

If the date has been revised, please enter a date in the appropriate field on the same form.

When completing DoWCoP Declarations, please:

  1. Provide at least the name and email address of the nominated person and preferably a direct telephone number also;
  2. Ensure you advise the person nominated in the declaration that they have an obligation to complete and submit a Verification Report to CL:AIRE by the date stated;

If the Verification Report is not submitted by the date due, or a deferral date not provided, a first reminder will be sent to the nominated person.

After the first reminder, if the Verification report is still not forthcoming within one month from the latest advised date, the appropriate Regulator (EA or NRW) will be informed and sanctions may follow.