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This month, the CL:AIRE DoW CoP Team was invited to visit an active DoW CoP site that is currently using the Direct Transfer scenario to import and reuse clean, naturally occurring materials.

The site is located in Somerset, and it is part of works being carried out by the Environment Agency. Kier is the main contractor undertaking the major earthworks to improve the local flood defences.  

As part of the Qualified Persons (QPs) renewal process in the assessment year (i.e. every 5 years starting from 2019), QPs are reminded that the QP Assessment and the DoW CoP Professional Report must be completed and submitted by 30 June 2024 (Tuesday).

To complete the QP renewal process this year, QPs are required to provide the following:

• Updated Chartership status within the past 12 months;
• Updated CPD log (with a minimum of 30 hours of CPD requirement);
• Annual renewal fee;
• Completed QP Assessment*; and
• DoW CoP Professional Report*.

* QPs registered from 2023 onwards are exempt from the requirements of the QP Assessment and the DoW CoP Professional Report for 2024.

The following provides further details on the requirements for the QP Assessment and the DoW CoP Professional Report in 2024.

The DoW CoP team is receiving an increasing number of notifications from project teams shortly after issue of Declarations, to correct the name of the person/organisation responsible for the submission and production of the project Verification Report.

We would like to remind all QPs to check this information is accurate with the project before submitting the Declaration, along with confirming with the project team the anticipated production date. We recommend that the production date does not exceed 3 months after completion of the project to avoid any risk of loss of information or site knowledge from the project team.

CL:AIRE has been performing ongoing audit tasks on randomly selected DoW CoP projects since 2019. The audit results have supported our commitment to maintaining and improving industry standards.

In adherence to our commitment and in alignment with international standards, CL:AIRE has undertaken a comprehensive review of our audit procedures. The revised Ongoing Audit Procedure is now accessible on the CL:AIRE website - DoW CoP Auditing Procedures - Ongoing Audits. It will be used on DoW CoP ongoing audit tasks beginning in 2024 and onwards.

Highlights of the key updates:

  • The pool of projects eligible for audit selection now includes those with an outstanding Verification Report from the preceding year.
  • Audit requests will be addressed to the Project Team instead of the project Qualified Person.
  • If the selected project (with an outstanding Verification Report) is still ongoing, the Project Team will be required to provide a concise progression summary report to accompany the audit documentation.
  • In the event the Project Team does not respond to an audit request, the User / Project Team Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures may be initiated.
  • The updated version clarifies the steps to follow when discrepancies occur between the original audit findings and the QA/QC review.

The DoW CoP Professional Report is a personalised document that summarises and evaluates your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) related to the use of the DoW CoP over the past five years (specifically from 2019). Its purpose is to effectively demonstrate your competencies as a DoW CoP Qualified Person (QP). This is an additional requirement for the 2024 QP Renewal*

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