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CL:AIRE is pleased to announce that a new Research Bulletin RB21: Resource Recovery and Remediation of Alkaline Wastes (R3AW) is now available to download.

This bulletin describes the main outputs from the R3AW project. Resource recovery in the context of this research includes:

  • recovery of e-tech metals that are both crucial for modern environmental technologies and simultaneously environmental pollutants (e.g. vanadium);
  • enhancing carbon sequestration in alkaline wastes;
  • promoting the broader re-use of bulk by-products without environmental impacts; and
  • improving remediation strategies at alkaline residue disposal sites.

As well as the technical aspects of the project, the research has included the critical assessment of regulatory and governance frameworks that influence current alkaline residue management through stakeholder discussions and workshops.

This bulletin was written by Will Mayes, University of Hull; Ian Burke, University of Leeds; Pauline Deutz, University of Hull; Andy Bray, University of Leeds;
and Helena Gomes, University of Nottingham