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Local Authority Supporter Membership Details

CL:AIRE made its Supporter Membership Scheme accessible to Local Authority (LA) personnel from 1 November 2017. There is no charge (i.e. it is free)

What will this mean?
LAs will have the same status as our current Supporter Members and have a dedicated LA landing page on the CL:AIRE website. Unlike our other membership categories, LA Supporter Membership will be managed on an individual basis (rather than by organisation).

Why should LAs join?
Membership benefits will include:

  • Free access to the online publications library
  • Free access to CL:AIRE's website, including the Water and Land Library (WALL), a repository for industry guidance and support material
  • Free invitations to CL:AIRE's regular networking events around the UK
  • Receiving Members' eAlert to get the latest CL:AIRE and industry news
  • Use of CL:AIRE members discussion forum on LinkedIn
  • Receiving our State of the Market Reports
  • Access to CL:AIRE's free eLearning modules on options appraisal and remediation technologies
  • 15% discount to all other training & eLearning

As this Membership Category grows, there will be opportunities to expand the benefits. For example, there is the potential to develop a private online discussion forum and / or bespoke training in consultation with LA needs.

Why is CL:AIRE doing this?
Our main driver is to improve communication and information sharing with LAs. We want to include all the key stakeholders in sustainable land reuse in CL:AIRE's membership. Currently LAs are not well represented yet are integral to the industry. We recognise LAs are interested in CL:AIRE's services and activities, and understand that funding is limited.

How do you join?
You will simply need to register on the CL:AIRE website, using your email address. If you're already registered on the website with your email address, then just email to confirm you'd like to become a Member. If you've registered with a personal email address instead of a work one, then you should log in and change the email address to your work one on your profile. Once you’ve done this, we can simply switch on your membership at the back-end of the website.