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Roles and Responsibilities of the Scheme

Table 1 presents the roles and responsibilities for those involved in the scheme:

  • Scheme Administrator - CL:AIRE
  • Accredited Person - Technician 
  • Accredited Person - Specialist

Table 1: Roles and responsibilities



Scheme administrator – CL:AIRE

Responsible for administering the accreditation scheme,directly maintaining the records of who has achieved each accreditation level, maintaining an up to date register of accredited practitioners and copies of declaration certificates.  In addition, CL:AIRE will administer the audit and complaints process from which the scheme can be improved periodically. CL:AIRE does not directly manage or supervise accredited practitioners under the scheme.

Accredited person – technician 

Responsible for undertaking gas protection verification safely, diligently and with professionalism (eg in accordance with the verification plan and method statement, knowing when to ask for assistance and providing advice on how to inhibit damage to gas protection systems during follow up works). 

Accredited person – specialist 

In addition to the responsibility for a technician level of accreditation, the specialist registration also is responsible for data interpretation, preparation of the verification strategy, method statements and validation reports in accordance with current industry guidance. The Specialist is also responsible for sign-off on the GPVS Declaration. See Stage 5 - Applying for a Declaration of Compliance on the Operation of GPV page.

Accredited practitioners do not work for or on behalf of CL:AIRE and, as such, CL:AIRE is not responsible for installation or verification at any individual site. CL:AIRE has no technical input to any individual installation or verification.

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