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Communication with Key Stakeholders

CL:AIRE has developed this scheme with the support of a working group who work in the gas protection industry across the UK striving to improve standards.  Dialogue is open with all regulators, industry groups/trade associations across the whole UK - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with the hope that in time the scheme is endorsed and used by all.

Assessor Selection

For the scheme to be a success, a team of highly experienced accredited Assessors has been created.  All Assessors have been required to go through the same application process as those individuals applying for Specialist Level to ensure transparency, impartiality and objectivity.

CL:AIRE will actively encourage those individuals who are successful in selection as SGPV to become an Assessor themselves to join and grow the scheme. The scheme will try and select a wide range of Assessors from different geographic areas.

A list of approved Assessors is available here.

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