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Part1 - GPVS Application Form

This is Part 1 of the application for Gas Verification Accreditation Scheme Registration and should be completed by the person wishing to register for either a Technician in Gas Protection Verification (TGPV) or Specialist in Gas Protection Verification (SGPV).

To complete this form you will need to have prepared all your documentation as detailed in Part 0: Document Preparation.

After successfully completing Part 1, you will be notified by CL:AIRE and directed to Part 2 so you can create an invoice and pay for your application. Part 3 will involve the completion of pre-interview questions, then a face to face interview, followed by a practical skills assessment.

  • Incomplete applications will not be processed
  • Each part must be successfully completed in order
  • Make a note of your Application number that appears at the top of this form, you will need it for other steps in the application process.
  • Any correspondence relating to your application must reference your Application Number. Once you have left this page it will be sent to you via email.
Applicant Details

TGPV is the Technician level of accreditation and is intended for field technicians who confine their work to inspections and do not prepare verification design or method statements (although they will follow ones prepared by others) and do not prepare verification reports (although they do prepare field records that form part of the verification report).

SGPV is the Specialist level of accreditation and applies to those involved in the whole range of gas protection verification including design of the verification, preparation of method statements, inspections and verification reports.

Please note: If you have already passed the NVQ Level 4 "Verification of Gas Protection Measures" qualification, you will automatically be entitled to TGPV status.
Please tick the box below and upload a copy of your NVQ Level 4 certificate in the space provided.


Please upload ALL the following documents. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

PDFs only please.

If you do not see at least 4 upload fields below, please click again to choose your accreditation level, above.

Please make sure your document names do not include unusual charaters such as parentheses or brackets. Underscores or hyphens are OK.

Please either upload a current CV if you have one, or you can fill in our Create a CV form and tick the box below.

Conflicts of Interest

Please check the Register of Assessors and inform us of any names with whom you may have a Conflict of Interest.

Potential conflicts of interest that may arise include (but are not limited to):

  • You have worked or currently work together in the same company
  • You are close friends or are related
  • You have or have had professional difficulties (e.g. one has been involved in the dismissal of the other)
  • You have or have had personal difficulties between you