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A report presenting the EIC/AGS/CL:AIRE Generic Assessment Criteria (GAC) describing how the GAC should be used and how they have been derived can be found below.

The use of generic assessment criteria (GAC) is an integral part of the risk assessment process for land affected by contamination. Forty-seven risk assessors from twenty-six member companies of EIC and AGS have been working in collaboration with CL:AIRE to produce a set of industry agreed soil GAC to aid the assessment of risks to human health from 35 substances. These GAC complement the Environment Agency SGV and 2nd edition LQM/CIEH GAC, which together, result in CLEA compliant GAC for a significant number of substances detected in UK soils.

A report presenting the EIC/AGS/CL:AIRE GAC and describing how the GAC should be used and how they have been derived is available for free download* (see below). An Excel spreadsheet with the required contaminants specific data for deriving the GAC using CLEA is also available here for free download below. These data can be copied and pasted into the CLEA model contaminant database to reproduce the GAC and, where required, to produce site specific assessment criteria.

*If you are planning to print this document, please note the main text of the report has been set up to print on A4 size paper and the Appendices on A3 size paper.