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CL:AIRE Projects

CL:AIRE projects are either technology demonstration projects (TDPs) or research projects (RPs) and they cover site investigation techniques, monitoring or remediation solutions. CL:AIRE has developed a process in which projects are submitted, evaluated by a team of independent experts (CL:AIRE’s Technology and Research Group), and – if approved – monitored and reported so that the industry as a whole can benefit from the results. The CL:AIRE Technology and Research Group will evaluate each project submission against the following criteria:

•    scientific validity of the application
•    robust nature of the methodology
•    contribution to the UK contaminated land marketplace
•    suitable assessment of site criteria
•    competencies in forms of project management.

The process does allow for constructive feedback and resubmission, but not all applicants get through.

If you would like to undertake a CL:AIRE Project or find out about the benefits of getting involved with CL:AIRE then please use the Help Desk to contact us

The Technology and Research Group Annual Report provides more background on the evaluation process and a list of previous CL:AIRE projects.


Some of the key benefits of undertaking a CL:AIRE Project are highlighted below:

Remediation Companies and Technology Providers

  • Profile – CL:AIRE is committed to promoting business opportunities for all our project partners, by linking problem holders with solution providers and promoting within the UK and abroad
  • Dissemination – Benefit from bulletins, project reports, eAlerts, conferences and workshops and our website portal to reach our contacts in the UK and abroad
  • Credibility – Our unique approach allows your demonstration to be reviewed by an experienced, highly-regarded and credible third party (the Technology and Research Group)
  • Business opportunities – Expand your business through our network and sponsorship opportunities at our national and regional conferences and events
  • Access – CL:AIRE endeavours to give you access to suitable sites for testing and trialling new technologies.

Site Owners and Developers

  • Profile – Benefit from tailored publicity in our bulletins, reports, eAlerts and on our website to communicate your organisation’s commitment to sustainability to our UK and international network
  • Confidence – Our credible, third party review of your project by the highly-regarded Technology and Research Group can help provide much-needed confidence
  • Knowledge – Gain a better understanding of technologies that may be applied to your sites
  • Potential Cost Savings – Discover a wealth of cost-effective remediation technologies
  • Partnership – CL:AIRE can work collaboratively with your current partners
  • Community – Our community guides and teaching aids inform and promote remediation within communities, and serve to manage risk communication on a wider scale.

Research Groups

  • Profile – Enjoy valuable publicity for your latest developments to a wider market
  • Dissemination – Benefit from bulletins, project reports, eAlerts, conferences and workshops and our website portal to reach our contacts in the UK and abroad
  • Strategy – Discuss and refine your approach with CL:AIRE and benefit from our team’s wealth of knowledge and data archives
  • Funding – In certain cases, CL:AIRE can help acquire funding for key research projects through our network partners
  • Access – We will endeavour to give you access to an appropriate site to develop your technology.


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