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The final scope of the document is still to be finalised by the JIWG however the main headings are anticipated to include the following:

  • Introduction and Background;
  • Regulation of Asbestos;
  • UKAS and Accreditation Requirements;
  • Training and Qualification Requirements;
  • Insurance Requirements;
  • Site Investigation and Sampling protocols;
  • Laboratory analysis;
  • Human Health Risk Assessment;
  • Remediation of Asbestos-Contaminated Soils and Ground Materials; and
  • Waste management.

Chapters will be written by selected groups of recognised experts from these fields, with an open consultation process when the document is in final draft format.


The JIWG are working very closely with the regulators and as such are aware that the HSE are reviewing all asbestos related HSE publications. The JIWG is aiming to publish the Asbestos in Soil Code of Practice as soon as possible however this is very dependent on the participation and co-operation of the regulators.


In order for the JIWG to develop the Asbestos in Soil and Construction & Demolition Materials – Practitioners’ Guide: Industry Code of Practice (CoP), funding is required from industry to cover the costs of writing, developing and publishing a freely available downloadable PDF document.

We are looking to secure £150,000, although the project has commenced using the surplus funding that was made from the Asbestos in Soil conference in November 2011 and from organisations that have already committed funds.

If the full financial targets are met additional training materials will also be developed.

Financial Support has been secured from the following organisations:

Interested in Funding?

If you are interested in help fund the work of the JIWG, please contact: Nicola Harries at