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In the usage of this Disciplinary & Grievance Procedure:

  • Complainant means any person or persons who have made a written allegation of improper conduct (for example see section 6) against a Project Team using the DoW CoP.
  • Respondent means the Project Team against whom a written allegation of improper conduct has been made to CL:AIRE.
  • Project Team refers to a group of multiple organisations or singular who are using the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice.
  • An Investigation Panel is a panel which may comprise a member of the CL:AIRE Executive team and a representative (or nominated representative) of the Environment Agency (EA) or Natural Resources Wales (NRW), depending on the geographical location, that is appointed to decide whether or not there are grounds for a detailed examination of a specific allegation made by the Complainant against a Project Team.
  • A Disciplinary Panel is a panel comprising not less than one representative of the CL:AIRE Executive, one representative of the EA / NRW and an independent representative Qualified Person (QP), convened for the purpose of a Disciplinary Meeting. Disciplinary Panel members will not have acted on the Investigation Panel.
  • A Disciplinary Meeting is a hearing organised by the Disciplinary Panel, at which the Complainant and Respondent are invited to present their case.
  • A Review Meeting is a meeting which may be held in advance of a Disciplinary Meeting with the Qualified Person to help establish the facts of any complaint.
  • An Appeal Panel acts in the event of an appeal to the decision of the Disciplinary Panel and can uphold or overturn or vary.