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Local Authorities who wish to leave feedback about a specific report should use this form.

General feedback or complaints about the NQMS process should use the general feedback form.

All feedback will be recorded and an anonymised summary will be provided to the NQMS Steering Group.

Please note: You will need to be registered on this website and logged in in order to be able to leave your feedback.

NQMS Complaints Procedure

  1. A Complaint /Feedback Form is available  general feedback form
  2. A completed complaint/feedback form will be logged automatically under the name of the person, with contact details, date and short description of complaint/feedback through CL:AIRE's Support Ticket system. People will be encouraged to log the feedback/complaint themselves, however if the complaint/feedback is received over the phone or by email, details will be recorded on the complaint/feedback form under the name of the person who provided the feedback in order to maintain the formal record.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to the person who has raised the complaint/feedback acknowledging receipt.
  4. CL:AIRE will identify if the complaint/feedback is an administrative issue or complaint/feedback about an SQP.
  5. If the complaint/feedback is administrative, CL:AIRE will investigate and resolve.
  6. If the complaint/feedback is about the SQP, the complaint will be passed to SiLC to resolve.
  7. SiLC as the awarding body will follow the
  8. CL:AIRE & SiLC will endeavour to report back its initial finding to the person who raised the form within 1 month. If further investigation is needed, an interim response will be provided.
  9. Once the issue has been resolved, the date and outcome will be recorded.
  10. If the issue cannot be easily resolved, then either the SiLC PTP or NQMS Steering Group will need to be informed.
  11. A log of complaints/feedback forms will be provided to the NQMS Steering Group three times a year.
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