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SuRF-UK Indicator Consultation

SuRF-UK are carrying out a review of their guidance on indicators for sustainable remediation titled: “Annex 1: The SuRF-UK indicator Set for Sustainable Remediation Assessment”. CL:AIRE is hosting this consultation, on behalf of the SuRF-UK Steering Group.

Over 60 suggestions for indicators are arranged in 15 headline categories, five for each element of sustainability (as below) in a “checklist”, which can be downloaded here.

SuRF-UK Headline Categories for Indicators

Environmental Social Economic
Emissions to air Human health and safety Direct economic costs and benefits
Soil and ground conditions Ethics and equity Indirect economic costs and benefits
Groundwater and surface water Neighbourhoods and locality Employment and employment capital
Ecology Communities and community involvement Induced economic costs and benefits
Natural resources and waste Uncertainty and evidence Project lifespan and flexibility

SuRF-UK are not proposing a root and branch change of all of these headline categories, rather a refinement of the more detailed suggestions in this checklist. We would like your thoughts and inputs primarily about these, and also your wider experiences of the SuRF-UK guidance.

We are particularly interested in the views of contaminated land management practitioners in the Private and Public Sectors who may have had experience applying the indicators in projects. We are also keen to hear from researchers, policy-makers, NGOs and others who may have suggestions to help us improve the indicators. You do not need to be a deep expert in the subject to take part, pragmatic responses are as important to us as detailed technical comments. So please do give us as much input as you can across all of our questions.

Please note your contact details are collected as part of the questionnaire in case we need to get back in contact to clarify any points. Your details will only be stored by CL:AIRE for the duration of this project and will not be shared with the SuRF-UK steering group or anyone else.

The survey has three segments:

  • Segment 1: About you
  • Segment 2: About how you have used SuRF-UK’s guidance in general
  • Segment 3: About SuRF-UK’s guidance on sustainable remediation indicators

Please answer as many questions as fully as you can and leave questions that you do not have an opinion on.