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Project Framing

Framing includes two groups of activities: the preparation for sustainability assessment followed by the definition of the sustainability assessment.  The framing process is needed for all tiers of a sustainability assessment whether qualitative, semi-qualitative or quantitative.  The framing guidance is provided in a slide set formatted in PDF. The aim of the slides is to help project managers and sustainability assessors to frame their approach for a sustainability assessment.

The framing slide set is also supported by a log book which can be used to collect summary information for each step of the framing procedure.  

A ‘Project Framing and Tier 1 Sustainable Remediation Assessment Spreadsheet’ has been developed by URS to be compatible with the SuRF-UK Assessment Framing and Tier 1 Briefcase documents. It is made freely available to others here. SuRF-UK are grateful to URS to providing this spreadsheet. Neither CL:AIRE, SuRF-UK nor URS offer any warrantee or technical support for this spreadsheet.

SuRF Bulletin 4 summarises the work of Phase 3 of this project and it gives a good overview and introduction of what is involved in the Sustainable Management Practice document, Project Framing and Planning a Sustainability Assessment, and undertaking a Tier 1 Qualitative Assessment.