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Tier 1 "entry level" sustainability assessment is based on simple tables using qualitative categories.  The SuRF-UK Brief Case provides a slide deck procedure to follow with a series of checklists to help ensure that the framing is adequate for the sustainability assessment required. It is recommended to read the Project Framing guidance before or in parallel with the Tier 1 Sustainability Assessment slide deck.

A ‘Project Framing and Tier 1 Sustainable Remediation Assessment Spreadsheet’ has been developed by URS to be compatible with the SuRF-UK Assessment Framing and Tier 1 Briefcase documents. It is made freely available to others here. SuRF-UK are grateful to URS to providing this spreadsheet. Neither CL:AIRE, SuRF-UK nor URS offer any warrantee or technical support for this spreadsheet.

SuRF Bulletin 4 summarises the work of Phase 3 of this project and it gives a good overview and introduction of what is involved in the Sustainable Management Practice document, Project Framing and Planning a Sustainability Assessment, and undertaking a Tier 1 Qualitative Assessment.