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SuRF-UK has delivered its work through a phased approach.  Detailed below is a summary of the different phases of the project and its deliverables:

Phase 1

To develop a framework in order to embed balanced decision making in the selection of the remediation strategy to address land contamination as an integral part of sustainable development’.  This phase of work was completed in March 2010 with the publication of the SuRF-UK Framework Document.

Phase 2

To assess the practical implementation of the SuRF-UK framework to provide the user community with a generic checklist of indicators to enable clear, effective and proportionate sustainable remediation assessments. The project road-tested the generic approach with real case studies, to disseminate key learning points and to refine the SuRF-UK framework if necessary.

This phase of work started April 2010 and finished in November 2011.

Phase 3

This phase of the project focussed on the following important aspects:

  • Develop and publish a series of illustrative case studies on sustainable remediation projects; 
  • Develop guidance on generic ‘sustainable management practices’ that can be applied to remediation projects to encourage use of more sustainable approaches;
  • Develop guidance for assessors on good practice for Tier 1 (qualitative) sustainability appraisals;

This phase of work started in June 2012 and finished in February 2015.

Phase 4

This phase of the project focussed on preparing and submitting a scientfic paper for a peer reviewed journal based on the Phase 3 of SuRF-UK's work.  The paper was published in 2016 titled: The rationale for simple approaches for sustainability assessment and management in contaminated land practice. Bardos, R.P., Bone, B.D., Boyle, R., Evans, F., Harries, N.D., Howard, T., Smith, J.W.N., 2016. Science of the Total Environment. doi:10.1016/j.scitoenv.2015.12.001. Open Access: The rationale for simple approaches for sustainability assessment and management in contaminated land practice

Phase 5

This phase of the project involved the preparation of an peer reviewed journal paper looking at how SuRF-UK's framework and the use of sustainability criteria have been developed and adapted globally.  This paper was published in 2018 titled: The Development and Use of Sustainability Criteria in SuRF-UK's Sustainable Remediation Framework. Bardos, R.P., Thomas, H.F., Smith, J.W.N.,Harries, N.D., Evans, F., Boyle, R., Howard, T., Lewis, R., Thomas, A.O., Haslam, A,. 2018.  Sustainability, 10 (6), 1781: doi: 10.3390/su10061781. Open Access.

In addition, in 2018 SuRF-UK steering group started work on the development of an animation explaining the concepts of sustainable remediation.  This was completed in May 2019 and is accessible from the home page

Phase 6

This phase  has involved reviewing and updating the indicator set published in 2011 during Phase 2 of the project.  This work was started in 2019 and will be published in 2020.