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TOX Reports describe the toxicology of specific chemicals or groups of chemicals and recommend health criteria values (HCV) for use in the derivation of Soil Guideline Values.

HCV describe the levels at which long-term human exposure to chemicals in soil is tolerable or poses a minimal risk.

TOX Reports have been prepared in accordance with the CLEA framework reports from a review of published literature and expert group evaluations.  We have closely involved the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and Food Standards Agency (FSA) in preparation of these documents.

Available TOX Reports (2009 onwards)

Heavy metals and other inorganic compounds



Other organic compounds

Older TOX Reports (prior to 2009)

EA published a new framework report for preparing TOX Reports in 2009. The following TOX Reports were published between 2002 and 2008, and follow older guidance (R&D Publication CLR9) that has now been withdrawn.  Much of the existing information is still useful for understanding the toxicity of these chemicals but care should be taken in using the derived HCV in assessing health risks from land contamination.  Assessors should consider whether more recent evaluations of the toxicity of these chemicals have been published by other authoritative organisations.

Heavy metals and other inorganic compounds

The toxicology report for lead (originally published in 2002 under the old approach) has been withdrawn. See FAQ.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Chlorinated solvents