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Download CLEA software and handbook from this page

Following some problems with the CLEA software password, we have published a new version of the software. The new version, CLEA software version 1.06, is identical to the CLEA software version 1.05, but it restores the integrity of the output reports.

The password within the software helps to maintain the integrity of the CLEA output reports provided to decision makers at local authorities and the Environment Agency and to those in industry relying on reports received from their advisers. The integrity is maintained by preventing accidental or deliberate changes to the algorithms.  By password protecting the CLEA software, changes can not be made directly to the underlying spreadsheets but you can make changes to the data through the user interface.  These changes are clearly highlighted in the CLEA output reports.

The CLEA software version 1.05 handbook is still relevant to version 1.06 and has not been changed.

Availability - Version 1.06

Download CLEA software and the associated handbook (CLEA software v1.05 handbook) from the link on this page.

Please read the terms of the CLEA software licence agreement and limited product warranty carefully before you install or use the CLEA software. Your right to use the software is governed by the terms of this agreement. Installing this software onto your computer indicates your acceptance of these terms.

If you do not accept these terms, do not install the software.

This software replaces the CLEA software version 1.05.