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Gasworks Profiles

CL:AIRE is delighted to announce the publication of Gasworks Profiles, a compilation of four profiles that have been written by Russell Thomas, Parsons Brinckerhoff. 

The profiles are available to download in a single document, or individually, by following the links below:
Gasworks Profiles (compilation, 11MB) >>>

Gasworks Profile A: The History and Operation of Gasworks (Manufactured Gas Plants) in Britain (4.6MB) >>>
A profile of the gas manufacturing process, its design, development, application and the types of waste and by-products which may be associated with the processes used.

Gasworks Profile B: Gasholders and their Tanks (2.4MB)>>>
A profile of the construction and operation of different types of gasholders, their associated tanks and their occurrence on former gasworks and gasholder station sites.

Gasworks Profile C: Water Gas Plants (1.9MB)>>>
A profile of water gas plants, their history, design, development, application and the type of contaminants which may be associated with them.

Gasworks Profile D: Producer Gas Plants (1MB)>>>
A profile of Producer Gas Plants, their design, development, application and type of contaminants present.

The publication of the Gasworks Profiles has been made possible thanks to the support of Parsons Brinckerhoff and National Grid.

Defra announces £0.5M contingency fund for Contaminated Land Capital Grants

Defra recently announced that a £0.5M contingency fund is now available for 2014/2015.  This money will provide support to enforcing authorities dealing with urgent cases where there is imminent danger of serious harm or serious pollution of controlled waters.  Any remaining money may also be used to support the highest priority ongoing remediation projects.  For further information on the contingency fund click here>>>

In Situ Remediation Conference 2014 in numbers

CL:AIRE would like to thank everyone involved in making the In Situ Remediation Conference a huge success. 140 delegates from around the world (55% from UK, 45% from Europe, North and South America, New Zealand and more) got to hear the latest scientific and technological advances in the field of in situ remediation.

In particular, CL:AIRE wishes to thank:

the 6 sponsors
ARCADIS EC Harris, Celtic, Geosyntec Consultants, PeroxyChem, Regenesis, RemedX

the 6 keynote speakers
Gudrun Massmann, Michael Schubert, Mette Martina Broholm, Willy Verstraete, Ofen Dahan, Ilse Van Keer

the 25 plenary presenters and those who provided over 30 posters

the 140 delegates for being such an engaging audience

CL:AIRE would like to congratulate the following:
Winner of Best Presentation - Natalia Fernández de Vera, University of Liege

Winner of Best Poster - Laura Newsome, University of Manchester

Over the next few weeks we will be providing information on the event through the conference website and will notify you when this is ready.

"Best UK conference I've been to in over 10 years" - Dr Ian Ross, Partner, ARCADIS EC Harris

CL:AIRE September Membership Update

CL:AIRE is delighted to announce that British Solar RenewablesBT O'Sullivan Construction Solution Ltd, Darlow Lloyd & Sons Ltd & Dunton Environmental have joined as new Technical Members.

In addition, AECOM, BAM Nuttall, CH2M Hill & Hyder Consulting Ltd have renewed their Technical membership.

Definition of Waste Code of Practice - Update & Introduction of a Declaration Fee

Over 1,000 projects have now submitted Declarations using the Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice (DoW CoP). Information held on the Declarations provides an average DoW CoP project reuse volume of approximately 20,000m3. This would suggest a total volume of material diverted from landfill by the DoW CoP in the order of 20,000,000m3. The new Wembley stadium has a total internal volume of approximately 4,000,000m3, so for perspective, 5 Wembley stadiums worth of excavated material have been brought back into beneficial reuse.

There is a consensus opinion from industry that the DoW CoP initiative has been a success and that it could be further extended and improved.

Version 3 Development

CL:AIRE has begun work drafting a third version of the scheme. This will undergo development with the help and guidance of the DoW CoP steering group. When ready it will be released for public consultation; CL:AIRE hope this will be before the end of the year.

The proposed scope of development for version 3 is to:-

  • Create a more streamlined procedure for small quantities of material arising from recovery of soil type materials at permitted facilities (e.g. 1,000m3 - 5,000m3);
  • Expand  the scope of the Direct Transfer scenario to include excavated materials that are not clean or naturally occurring;
  • Allow for the reuse of manufactured soils e.g. with the addition of PAS 100 compost;
  • Review the frequency of Qualified Person involvement with particularly large receiver sites;
  • Review the role of the Qualified Person relating to Verification Reports;
  • Provide detail on the minimum information requirements e.g. Desk Top Study, tracking systems, delivery tickets;
  • Provide greater context of where the CoP fits with other documents / guidance e.g. WRAP Quality Protocol / recent Defra guidance on the Definition of Waste of “by products”, exemptions and Standard Rules Environmental Permits and to highlight other mechanisms for reuse other than in accordance with the CoP;
  • Provide background and further explanation to Watch-point 15;
  • Expand on the definition of clean;
  • Explain how topsoil is sold as a non-waste; and
  • Allow for storage of excavated material at a source site or alternative facility with no identified certainty of use e.g. good quality material for which a beneficial use would be reasonably expected to be found.

Introducing a DoW CoP Declaration Fee System

No income is received from the public purse to support the administration of the DoW CoP. To compound this situation, there is evidence and feedback from industry of an increased need for support provisions on the subject. Providing these provisions will improve standards and help to ensure the long-term viability of the initiative. It is imperative that the standards associated with DoW CoP projects do not drop.

A sliding scale fee, per Declaration, will be introduced on the 1st of October 2014. This system will apply only to projects involving volumes greater than 5,000m3 and will be charged at £10 per 1,000m3 above this threshold. The table below provides an example of what some typical fees might be.

Table 1 Example fees per project size. 

Project size up toFee (+VAT)
5,000m3 £0
6,000m3 £60
7,000m3 £70
8,000m3 £80
9,000m3 £90
10,000m3 £100
….for all subsequent 1,000m3 units e.g. …..  
20,000m3 £200
50,000m3 £500
100,000m3 £1,000

Projects volumes will be rounded up to the nearest 1,000m3, therefore a project with a volume of 17, 250m3 will be rounded up to 18,000m3 and pay a fee of £180.

On the plans to introduce the CoP Declaration fee, Richard Froggatt, Chairman of CL:AIRE says “it has been a privilege to develop such a successful framework in partnership with the development industry and the regulator. It provides a wonderful example of what can be achieved when all parties work together pragmatically. The CoP approach is gaining significant interest from overseas, it is fantastic to see the development industry in England & Wales leading the way.”

“This scheme has now gained very significant momentum. It is a serious tool for industry and as such it deserves appropriate financial support to ensure it can continue to be well managed now and well into the future. We know this scheme is a professional, quick and flexible way of managing what otherwise would be waste and there is a general desire to expand its use. We ask for the industry’s support in accepting these charges which will allow us, in turn, to support them in a competitive way.” 

CL:AIRE Members invited to meet Chinese trade delegation

CL:AIRE Members have been invited to a forthcoming meeting with a visiting Chinese delegation hosted by UKTI. The delegation are very interested in meeting with leading environmental and contaminated land organisations and as such have approached the CL:AIRE members to join a half-day conference followed by a business round-table meeting. 

This event has been arranged for Fri 12 Sep in London.

Click here to download the event flyer>>>

There is space for 10 companies for each session (morning conference and afternoon round-table), and places will be granted on a first come first served basis. 

Future Cities GREAT Conference–exploring UK China Collaboration in Pollution Treatment


13.00-14.30 Lunch Networking Reception

14.30-17.00 Future Cities GREAT Conference: three parallel business roundtables on water, waste, land remediation (please indicate one session to join).

What’s in it for UK companies attending the event?

- Understand market intelligence and accessible opportunities arising from China’s emerging environmental sector particularly in areas of water and waste-water treatment, air pollution control, soil remediation, and solid waste treatment;
- Speak to business leaders and senior government officials from Chinese cities cross the country and explore with them specific business opportunities;
- Hear from UK businesses who are already in collaboration with China and understand how they have achieved successes and how they have managed to handle China specific issues that might also be relevant to your business strategies towards China;
- Have the opportunity to network with wider audiences such as UK environmental trade associations, research institutes, China Britain Business Council, and UK Trade & Investment;
- Have potential business contract wins with Chinese partners that might be signed around the time of the conference, please do let us know. You might have the opportunities to get the signing witnessed by bilateral Ministers during the occasion.

What the Chinese delegation are looking for

Air Quality

- Industrial and domestic air monitoring and treatment
- Air emission management and process control 


- River and lake pollution treatment including sediment
- Industrial waste-water and sludge treatment
- Water recycling and waste to energy
- Water and waste-water treatment
Sustainability management and water efficiency

Solid Waste

- Incineration process management and emission control
- Landfill process control
- Recycling and efficiency
- Waste to energy
- Land Remediation
- Heavy metal and organic pollution treatment
- Land remediation assessment, solution and control

Chinese delegates will be representing the following organisations - 

Wuhan Kinghome Environmental Technology Co Ltd
Wuhan Weihong Environmental Technology Co Ltd 
Hubei Shuiyunjian Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd
Beijing Green Science & Technology Company
Shenzhen Techand Ecology & Environment Co.,LTD
Chongqing Ringo Environmental Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd.

Click here to download the event flyer>>>

As mentioned, places are extremely limited. If you would like to attend pleased email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In Situ Remediation '14 Conference Workshop - Final Spaces Available

CLAIRE is pleased to announce that In Situ Remediation of contaminated Sites workshop will be going ahead at the In Situ Remediation ´14 Conference on 4th September 2014.

The workshop will run between 8.30 - 13.00. The workshop can be attended by those attending the conference and by external delegates. The workshop theme is:

  • “In Situ Remediation of Contaminated Sites” organised by Geosyntec Consultants

The registration fee is £89 for each workshop including materials, lunch and coffee break. Please register before August 20th 2014.

Workshop places are limited to 25 participants.

Full details of the workshop can be found at the In Situ Remediation Conference website here>>>

To register please click here>>>

CL:AIRE July Membership Update

CL:AIRE is delighted to announce that Deep Soil Mixing Ltd & Foot Anstey LLP have joined as new Technical Members.

In addition, McAuliffe Civil Engineering has renewed their Technical membership.

Latest Land Forum Minutes

The latest Land Forum minutes from the meeting held on the 25th June 2014 have now been uploaded onto the dedicated Land Forum website.  The minutes can be viewed here>>>


New Groundwater Monitoring Data Software Application (GWSDAT)

GWSDAT (GroundWater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool) is freely available from the CL:AIRE website.  This free software application, developed by Shell, is open source, user-friendly and can be used for the visualisation and interpretation of groundwater monitoring data.  It's key features include:

  • Visualisation of site- wide trends in solute concentrations, NAPL thickness and groundwater elevation for conceptual site model development.
  • Spatiotemporal analysis: variation in groundwater solute concentration is modelled as a function of X,Y and time.
  • Automatic generation of concentration contour plots at user specified time intervals, with the option to overlay groundwater elevation contours and NAPL thickness/footprint data.
  • Automatic report generation tools with direct export of plots to Microsoft Office applications (e.g. Word, PowerPoint)

The benefits of using GWSDAT include:

  • Improved data transparency during the design and optimisation of groundwater monitoring or remediation programmes
  • Early identification of new releases, migration pathways, need for corrective action and stable/ declining trends that may aid in closure determinations.
  • Rapid analysis of complex data sets from large monitoring networks (e.g. refineries, terminals).
  • Efficient evaluation and reporting of groundwater monitoring trends via simple, standardised plots and tables created at the 'click of a mouse'.
  • Easy sharing of processed datasets as non-editable “.GWSDATData” files, thereby preserving the integrity of the underlying dataset.

To obtain access to GWSDAT click here>>>

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