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All publications are listed below by the type of publication they are ie case study or research bulletin, however if you would like to understand which publications CL:AIRE has produced under a certain subject such as bioremediation or chemical remediation then please visit where CL:AIRE publications are listed under subject matter e.g Options Appraisal (INFO-OA2).

CL:AIRE encourages organisations to submit interesting material to be published.  For example, there are a number of different bulletins that are available to disseminate your work (see below). If you have an idea, project or technology that you would like to write about please contact the CL:AIRE project team at or on 0207 299 4250.

CL:AIRE Technical Guidance

Version 1.1 of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Groundwater, released in March 2017, includes several amendments to the original version (January 2017) and these are described in the Version Control Sheet in this pdf.


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