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The Law Commission’s consultation paper on Regulating Coal Tip Safety in Wales (LC 255) has recently been published.  The consultation paper considers current legislation relating to coal tip safety and options for new Welsh legislation to ensure an integrated and future-proofed regulatory system which adopts a uniform approach to inspection, maintenance and record-keeping throughout the life cycle of a coal tip.

They are asking stakeholders for views on their provisional proposals as to the features that should be included in a replacement regime, and ask more open questions where they have not been able to formulate a provisional proposal. 

The consultation paper can be downloaded from the Law Commission’s website in both English and Welsh  here. It is published alongside a summary, also available in both English and Welsh, and a draft impact assessment.

The web page contains a link to an online form for consultation responses.  THe Law Commission will also accept consultation responses by email or by post. For details please see the “How we consult” page at the beginning of the consultation paper and summary.

If you require the consultation paper or the summary to be made available in a different format, please email

The consultation will run until 10 September 2021.