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Definition of Waste: Code of Practice

The DoW CoP provides a clear, consistent and efficient process which enables the reuse of excavated materials on-site or their movement between sites.

Use of the DoW CoP supports the sustainable and cost-effective development of land. It can provide an alternative to Environmental Permits or Waste Exemptions.

The DoW CoP enables:

  • the direct transfer and reuse of clean naturally occurring soil materials between sites
  • the conditions to support the establishment/operation of fixed soil treatment facilities
  • the reuse of both contaminated/uncontaminated materials on their site of origin and between sites within defined Cluster projects

& Guidance

DoW CoP Main Document Environment Agency CLR11
Cluster Guide BS10175 - The Investigation of Potentially Contaminated Land
Guidance Bulletin 3 - DoWCoP Qualified Person Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
Project Team / User - Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure


DoW CoP Declaration Fee Payment Materials Management Plan (MMP)
Qualified Person Register DoWCoP Declaration
Becoming a Qualified Person Verification Report
Terms & Conditions Introduction to DoWCoP video


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